… the Star Quality

A different kind of school photography means

A different way of working…

Pictures should be as good as they can possibly be, even if that means we have to work harder. Gone are the days of boring, stale smiles, and conveyor belt queues. Let school photos bring out the best in a child, boost their confidence,

let their individual personalities and star power shine through!


Parents should be offered pictures they really want,

Rather than ones they simply feel they ought to buy. 

And the whole process should be simple, efficient and fun.


All to often school photography can be a bit of a chore,

designed to make the photographers life as easy

as possible.


But that’s not how it has to be.

Get the formula right and its big smiles all

around - for parents, pupils and staff.

… Making Pupils Smile

The secret is to making the kids feel like

the superstars that they are!

The conventional approach treats pupils like widgets in a production line. After waiting in a queue they spend just

 a few seconds in front of the camera, while the photographer tells them to smile. If they happen to be able to smile on order, you might get a nice picture. But what if, like most people, they can’t.

We take a rather different approach.


We have large fully lit studios which makes pupils feel like celebrities. We can work in pairs or teams to help

create a fun atmosphere.  And whenever we can, we play music.


Our photographers are carefully picked for their ability to engage with pupils of all ages and come armed with a bag of smiles – including tricks. We spend longer with each pupil typically 2-3 min, and take lots of pictures, adding to the magazine shoot feel.

The reason we go to all this trouble?


Well it just makes the pictures better and it means we can offer parents the kind of pictures they want and a range of pictures to choose from.

… Making Parents Smile

"Thank you for the lovely school photos. They're the best I've seen in all my dealings with school photos, and my son is now 14!" ..... happy parent

Choosing Andrea Slatter photography goes down very well with parents. They regularly tell us that they love the pictures and that they love having a range of different ones to choose from.

•Superior quality pictures, full of smiles, laughter and fun.

•A range of 15-20 pictures of each pupil for parents to choose from.

•Distinctive panoramic group pictures for classes and teams.

•Options to order by internet, telephone, or email.

•All pictures re-touched before orders are printed.

•Images good enough to enlarge on canvas and hang in the home

•Lots of extras, like fun friendship photos, and family shoot vouchers

•Cool photo gifts like mugs and mouse mats

•And a true and honest record of your child’s star personality

•Plus excellent customer service

Staff funn.jpg

… Making Schools Smile

"I would recommend Andrea if you wish to break the mould of school photographs and offer parents a picture capturing their child at school"

Kenda Melvill-Smith Head of St Peters Boys Junior Prep

Making the parents and pupils smile gets us half way there – but what about the school?

We know just how busy you are. We have designed our service to keep administrative burden on the school to a minimum. We are a bit greedier with space and time than many photographers, but the results are worth it.

Because that’s what it takes to deliver the quality and choice we offer. At the same time we have found lots of other ways to make life easier for you.


Some reasons are listed here:

- Our customer service team is always on hand to help plan our visits, prepare

schedules and answer questions.

- File naming according to the schools admin system.

- More than one studio to make shooting go twice as fast.

- Afterwards we supply a link to the website via an email or flyer, outlining all

instructions for parents.

- Orders are received online, but we can take email and telephone orders too.

- We prefer not to accept cash. Prepaid or EFT directly to Andrea Slatter

Photography means no admin for the school.

- If any problems occur, we will do everything we can to resolve them quickly.

- In addition, we are determined to make every encounter with Andrea Slatter

Photography effective, efficient and fun, before, during and after every visit.

- And we always welcome your feedback to help us continue to learn how any

aspect of our service might be improved.

We provide the school with all that they need for the year ahead, including

individual photos and class photos for the year book, sports photos and

marketing photos,